Aloha Express Sauce Bars


Aloha Express Sauce Bars


Taste : Apple, Mango, Pine and Cedar
Strain : Trainwreck x Hawaiian


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Introducing the vibrant intensity of Aloha Express Sauce Bars, your passport to an exuberant sativa experience, heightened by a remarkable 91.9% THC potency. This 1G Sativa Live Resin is your one-way ticket to uplifted days and joyous laughter, infused with the subtle embrace of 0.2% CBD for nuanced wellness support.

A Sativa Strain That Radiates Good Vibes

The Aloha strain, at the heart of these Sauce Bars, is a sativa lover’s dream. It encapsulates the invigorating spirit of the islands, delivering an energetic buzz that’s as bright and positive as a Hawaiian morning. For those seeking a haven from discomfort, Aloha has been known to ease the pressure of migraines, transforming tumultuous waves into smooth sailing, Jack diesel sauce.

Taste the Exotic – Fresh Apple, Mango, Pine & Cedar

Unlock a treasure trove of tastes with a uniquely refreshing profile. The crispness of fresh apple merges with the sweetness of ripe mango, while the earthy whispers of pine and cedar round out these delectable Ghost carts. It’s a taste adventure that embodies the spirit of Aloha itself – warm, welcoming, and wonderfully vibrant.

The Ideal Companion for Happiness and Energy

Feel: The Aloha Express Sauce Bars are not just a product; they’re a catalyst for happiness. Expect to revel in waves of energy, find your social spark with hearty laughs, and embrace happiness from Sauce bar disposables.


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